Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nurturing Creativity is A Great Experience

By Sarah Wilkiamson

Nurturing creativity in young dancers is one of the most important parts of being a dance teacher. Nothing brings joy to a dance teacher or, for that matter, a child's parents, like watching young students learn new things.

Imagination and creativity is very strong in a young child and dance lessons offer a perfect chance for your child's creativity to blossom. Most young children love to imagine things, make up stories and generally let their creative ideas soar. Sometimes this can be confusing and annoying to parents. Dance lessons can channel your child's creativity into something constructive and enjoyable.

How do dance lessons nurture creativity? Dance is a very creative art. It allows your child to let their imagination soar as they interpret the music into their own particular dance style. Even with a strongly disciplined form of dance like ballet there is room to develop your own style.

Apart from channeling creativity and interpretive spirit, dance lessons also build much-needed confidence in young children. Bringing the best out in any individual starts with building their confidence, and this can only be done through various achievements on their own or as part of a team.

There are set routines steps and skills to learn especially with ballet but these are just a stepping stone to expressing yourself through dance. In this way dance lessons will teach skills that your child can use to create dance patterns of their own.

Ballet, in particular, is a dance discipline that progresses gradually as the children grow and develop. It can be one of the harder forms to learn but that hard work comes with many rewards. Some of the most creative minds study ballet.

A good curriculum is essential for your child to nurture their creativity. With a syllabus that blends play and learning your child will be able to let their imagination fly. It is important to check out the dance school curriculum before enrolling your child.

Many schools do not have a proper balance of play and learning, especially when it comes to ballet. All too often they concentrate on learning the skills of ballet without understanding that a young child needs to learn through play as well as discipline, in order to dance well. Too much concentration on pure learning will stifle your child's desire to learn dance and crush their creativity. Mixing a little play into the learning process will keep your child's imagination going and nurture their creativity.

On the other hand too much play and not enough learning discipline will also hamper your child. Without the skill sets needed for learning to dance they will not be able to express themselves through this art form. This will not allow them to channel their creativity into something positive. Creativity is a wonderful trait and dance lessons can help your child to nurture their particular form of creativity and enjoy themselves while they do it.

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