Friday, May 22, 2009

The Classic Double Breasted Suit

By Victor M. Santerino

There are two kinds of suit styles available to men: the single or double breasted style. How to tell the two apart is by the button enclosure at the front of the suit. The single breasted jacket has only one set of buttons going down the middle of the torso. The double breasted suit has two vertical rows of buttons at the front of the jacket and there is a wide overlap of the front lapel. The first row of buttons is used for decorations (with a single button inside the jacket to hold the suit in place) and the second row of buttons is used for fastening the suit.

Today's fashions lean more toward the single-breasted suit, which accounts for 95% of suit sales worldwide. Double-breasted suits were popular in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, and there are many who still consider them to be timeless, a classic that will never go out of style.

The reason for the apparent disappearance of the double-breasted suit probably has a lot to do with the emergence of modern designer men's suits. The young and business folk alike are wearing stylish modern designer suits which might possibly be because they have no knowledge of how to actually wear a double-breasted suit.

More than just classic, the double-breasted suit has many advantages over its single-breasted counterpart. A double-breasted suit can be very forgiving to the man who wants to hide a too-large waist, or exaggerate his shoulders - this suit does both. There are some men who should steer clear of the double-breasted suit - if you are small or very short, this suit is not for you. Otherwise, a double-breasted suit, even off the rack, will enhance your looks, and when made to measure, this suit makes an incredible statement about the man wearing it.

Humphrey Bogart gave us some of our best views of the double-breasted suit - turn on the classic movies and see how tailored and sharp he looks in any one of his films. It's the suit! Sadly, the double-breasted suit may be considered part of a bygone era, even though there are some who will always consider it the only choice.

The style will always look fashionable throughout the winter months and even spring. The fabric of choice is more often than not wool and the most popular colors are Navy blue and black.

Once a necessity for business-men, these suits are not so easy to find in the offices of today. When you do see a double-breasted suit in an office environment these days, it usually has a pinstripe pattern in the fabric.

The double breasted suit can only be worn with pants that have a wide cuff at the ankle. Single breasted suits can be worn with different types of pants. The cuffed pants is necessary as the suit jacket itself will not be balanced without this or the pleats at the front of the pants. A custom tailor will give you the correct advise on what jacket and pants to wear together.

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