Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Psychometric Testing Can Determine Characteristics Of A Leader

By Bill Editson

Psychometric Evaluation can help employers find good leadership qualities among the many applicants for a job. to find future leaders? There is not much of a challenge for companies that only promote from within because the company can recognize its potential leaders through familiarity. A talent assessment can prove to be the right tool needed to find the right person with the right qualities.

An organization may be in the process of upgrading or revamping an existing company-sponored leadership training program. If so, the leadership training personnel can develop its own assessment to determine the qualities needed in their future leaders, or adapt an existing evaluation to their needs. A leadership assessment could be added to a psychometric assessment that consists of aptitude testing and personality assessment.

Those twelve traits are:

1. Carefulness - the natural tendency to think and plan before acting or speaking

2. Cooperation. A leader is likable and congenial in all of his interpersonal relationships.

3. Creativity. A leader is willing and able to "think outside the box".

4. Discipline. A leader leads the way in responsibility and dependability. He has follow-through skills to complete his work.

5. Goodwill. A leader does not hold grudges and always thinks the best of others.

6. Influence - ability to impress others by speaking with authority.

7. Optimism - tendency toward a positive attitude and having confidence in favorable outcomes,

8. Order. Organization and neatness comes naturally to a leader.

9. Savvy. A leader is skilled at reading people and can detect hidden needs and intentions.

10. Sociability - the ability to relate to all people

11. Stability - calm and rational no matter what the circumstances are

12. Striving - incapable of quitting

There are more than enough assessments in the marketplace to choose from. Employers may also wish to develop their own assessment the is customized to their particular organization. It is advised that the company compares several different assessments and their benefits before making a final choice. he talent assessment can help an organization save time and money by helping the company find leadership potential among job applicants. When a company knows it is in need of potential leaders to replace leaders who will be retiring in a few years, using assessments can help identify those potential leaders.

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