Thursday, May 21, 2009

Health Care Coverage For Students

By Ethan Kalvin

More options are being considered regarding student health insurance. These include additional tax credits and personal health savings accounts which would give students a vehicle for saving money to pay for their own insurance plan. Employees could recieve an annual $5000 tax credit if a proposal is accepted.

It is hard to tell whether such a proposal would get anywhere and what exactly the impact of such a plan would be for students. The HCTC is already out there on the table and that is something that helps many parents be able to provide quality health care to their student children as they are off getting their education. The truth is that many larger universities already have a student health insurance plan and use that as part of the calculation to come up with your entire health insurance costs.

A misconception out there is that many of the clinicians who work at a university clinic are either rookies in the health care profession or otherwise don't know what they are talking about. The truth is that many of these physicians are qualified and have seen all kinds of situations that prepare them and give them the necessary experience to provide the best possible health care they can while on campus. In case you are uncomfortable with the university system or want more of that real world, private sector based health insurance experience there are companies like Assurant and Cardinal Healthcare for example who would offer students a plan particularly if they are self employed and have a solid work history and a relatively clean bill of health.

Many who are self employed don't have time to research health plans. This is particularly when you have the rigors of academia piled on top of it. Some students are so focused on their course and suffer from a loss of sleep that they think they can put off going to the doctor, we must not let this happen if there is a true medical issued involved that needs to be corrected.

The health care industry understands this and will do everything they can to make sure that the process of finding a plan is not too time consuming and burdensome. They want to make sure that the plan is accessible and is the right fit for your health care needs as a student who may be self employed or only able to hold down a part time job.

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