Monday, November 2, 2009

Analyzing the Number One Fantasy Basketball Stud

By Tracy Miller

Are you excited for a new year of basketball? I know I am, and I'd like to talk about the fantasy element of it. Leagues are in full effect right now, and I couldn't be more excited about it. This discussion will focus on who to draft at number one, as many people seem to be of differing mindsets this year. No one should complain, as every possibility is phenomenal.

There are great players to choose from, there's no doubt about that. However, I see how it can be a difficult decision, and I'd like to help you out a bit. Let's take a look at the potential contenders at number one this year.

If you're into the idea of getting an elite point guard, you'll have to look no further than Chris Paul. No basketball player has been more effective than Paul during the last two years.

The best thing about Paul is the fact that he'll usually lead the league in both assists and steals. On top of that, his free throw percentage is great, as are his FG%, scoring, and rebounds for a point guard.

If you're looking for someone bigger, there's always LeBron James, thought by many to be the best ordinary basketball player. LeBron's well-rounded style suits fantasy teams really well. No forward gets more assists than James does.

In addition to his assists, he's an exceptional shot blocker and three point shooter. He's also a legitimate contender to lead the league in scoring, and should average somewhere around 30 points per game. He's extremely durable and rarely misses a game due to injury.

Next on the list of possibilities is Kobe Bryant, a personal favorite of many NBA fans. Bryant's stats are similar to LeBron's, only he has less turnovers and a better free throw percentage, giving him a more well rounded appeal.

Some may even choose to go with a sleeper pick like Kevin Durant or Danny Granger, both fine options as well. Ultimately, the decision is yours and it all depends on the stat categories you're going after and who appeals to you. As they say, go with your gut.

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