Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Block Out The Light With Polarized Sunglasses

By Holly Cano

Polarized sunglasses protect the eyes from glare, which reflects off glass, water and ice. After we have worn the glares we do not squint at objects or the scene before us which is a life-saver while driving on the fast-moving highway or even participating in sports.

They allow us to see clearly in the high-risk jobs like flying helicopters and planes or even jet-skiing, fishing, yachting, and other high-adventure sports. As the Polarized, offer better vision therefore people prefer them to the cheaper conventional glasses, these are perfect for people working in high-glare conditions like construction-sites and heavy traffic conditions where one needs to have share reflexes.

Other Polarized glasses dim the entire field of vision affecting our judgment that may cause accidents as oppose to this these glasses, which absorb the glare selectively. People with affected vision like patients of albinism and cataract can be highly benefited by the sunglasses that protect their eyes from glare of the sun and other reflective surfaces.

Glare is nothing but a reflection of light where most of the light reflects off in a horizontal direction rather than being evenly distributed. The filters absorb the horizontally oriented glare by blocking most of the glare out. No more driving for the seconds or longer straight into the sunset and without a view of where your driving. The blinding light will be reduced and scaled down with filters.

The sunglasses can be a safety hazard for the skiers as they absorb the glare bouncing off the small mounds of ice making them blind to them, which may cause accidents. The ability to operate the devices with LCD or digital screens such as ATM machines is reduced when a person wears these sunglasses; the ability to see the GPS cell phone is also affected through them.

The Sailors and pilots have made such reports to the important flaw in these glasses affects their visions and decision-making ability based on reading screens, in these high-risk jobs. Otherwise, the sunglasses are excellent companions on the jog, hike or even running chores within and outside the house, protecting the eyes from glare; they even prevent squinting which give rise to crowfeet and wrinkles around the eyes.

There are other benefits to Polarized sunglasses; they come as bifocals and progressive lenses for people who manifest presbyopia and like the outdoors. There are photo chromatic glasses that lighten in shade and darken in the sun, perfect for people who wear glasses consistently

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