Friday, November 27, 2009

Home Made Power Plant Review - Is It Worth It?

By Tim McDonald


Before starting to read the Home Made Power Plant guide, we thought the claims were far-fetched and too good to be true, but once we received the download, the advice was accurate and easy to follow. If you you are one those do-it-yourself type of people, you will love this guide - but you may have to figure a few things out on your own, since support was quick but not very helpful in their reply.

What we like about it:

1: The best diagrams

Home Made Power Plant definitely had the best illustrations. The diagrams for the solar power instructions were colorful, large enough to actually see, mainly to scale, correctly labeled, and really easy to follow.

2: Nice Freebies

Home Made Power Plant came with some great freebies. It showed how to maintain our systems and what legal issues we may have to consider. But what what really impressed us, were the power-saving tips. Just using those alone, we have saved almost $300 dollars in power bills over the past 5 months.

3: Improves your home's value:

We have to admit that this advantage actually applies to all the diy energy guides on the market, but it is a huge plus. We were told that renewable energy systems add value to your home. We were not so sure that was true, so we decided to get the house valued before and after. We were really amazed! After adding 2 home wind turbines and 2 solar power systems, they had added $5000 to the value of our home. The funny thing was that the valuer thought the systems were professionally installed!

Problems with the guide:

1 - Poor customer support

We did run into a few problems with customer support. We could not figure out the best way to wire up the solar power system. When we contacted support, they were not very helpful. They simply replied with something like, "It has all been explained in the guide". But our situation was unique and they never seemed to realize that. So we eventually worked it our ourselves.


With great diagrams, and interesting additional information, Home Made Power Plant is a well-written guide that even a non-technical person can understand. The plans were fairly easy to follow, and although we never had a good experience with customer support, at least they were quick to reply.

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