Thursday, November 12, 2009

Benefiting From The Cosmic Order Service

By Jamie-Lee Day

The cosmic order service is an ancient concept but has become extremely popular over the last decade. Many famous people and celebrities are raving about it and giving credit of their success to having made a cosmic order. How does the cosmic order service work? And what makes it work for some and not for others?

In order to understand this phenomenon we must understand the complexities of the mind. The mind is a marvelous thing. The brain is a physical matter that holds this brilliant computer, the mind. You can have anything you desire, if you just believe that it is possible and right for you to have it.

Researchers have revealed that the smallest unit of matter are called quarks which are in a state of constant vibration. When these quarks make big jumps and quantum leaps, they change the very make up of matter. What makes these quarks make such quantum leaps? The answer is simple; energy. Our thoughts are nothing but energy. So, all you need to do is use the energy in the right way to manifest all what you want.

Most people have no idea how they can bring about a dramatic positive change in the pattern of their life. They look around and see and hear destructively. They ponder on lack rather than abundance. They envy other's happiness and success and are sure that they can never be as happy as them. With just the correct change in your thought pattern, you can turn everything around in your life towards a positive direction, but it may not be as simple as it sounds.

For years, most people have operated out of negativity. Most people operate out of a scarcity mindset. They don't accept that the Universe has everything for everyone and it is in abundance. People worry about theur health, constantly think of new problems before the old problems are over and never really count their blessings or expect a great life. No wonder, they are disillusioned and feel that God really doesn't love them. They employ the cosmic order service and get what they expect.

It has been believed that people have to work hard in order to get the respect of others and if they are not fortunate to get quality life it is because they never worked hard for it. All they can do is accept and be content of whatever life can give them.

Your mind will only manifest what you ask it to. Ideas which say that it's a sin to have an abundance of health, wealth and happiness will only get you what you believe. You cant expect steak when you are actually ordering bread crusts in the cosmic order service.

You can bring about a dramatic and positive change in your life but for that you will have to go deep into the mind to undo years of negative conditioning. Positive thinking works only if your mind is convinced about what you are telling or repeating to it. You need to first get rid of every thought of failure that you have believed in so far.

You can try hypnosis, chakra healing and balancing and affirmations to get aligned with the universe. Binaural brainwave training frequencies waves are also a great way to connect your mind with the universe and use the cosmic order service.

These methods are great in balancing your brain waves. With these, you can program your subconscious mind, clear out negative thoughts and send new orders to the cosmic order service.

Nothing comes free in this world. The price for whatever you desire from the cosmic order service is knowledge. The knowledge that you can be and have whatever you want in this very lifetime. All you need to do is get rid of old beliefs and instill new ones. This requires courage, patience and persistence but can lead to a lifetime of pleasure and happiness.

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