Monday, November 9, 2009

The Powerful Impact of Purpose

By Shawn Doyle

As a motivational speaker, I believe that one of the most powerful motivational tools is having a purpose for what you do. "O.K." you are thinking about now- "no need to read this article any further I already know my purpose"...Stop! Your getting up and going to work each day is not your purpose. Sorry. Some people think that way and it's kind of understandable. It is a detrimental thought process shaped by sociatal norms. I passionately believe this kind of thinking often leads to low morale and a low level of motivation. So let me state again getting up and going to work is not the purpose, it is simply a reason.

Let's talk about the definition of purpose. The way I define purpose is the reason you are on the planet. So what are you on the planet anyway?

So is there a method for finding your deep and meaningful life purpose? Yep it's pretty easy actually. 1) Hike to a remote village 2) Find the Medicine Man in the village 3) Ask to meet with him 4) Ask him what your purpose is 5) He will shake some bones and rattles and give you an answer 6) Go back to civilization and apply immediately. Wouldn't it be nice if it was so easy to solve? Look there is a lot involved in finding your purpose. It will involve work, thought and reflection. It will take time and some deep exploring- but the effort is worth it as you try to find " it". I want to give you some specific tips and techniques for finding your purpose:

The Sheet- Take out a pen and some paper ( your choice as to what kind) The more colorful and vibrant the better. Write down a list of all of your strengths. (Come on now dont be shy- it is just a list.) People have said to you at times " boy you are really good at that." Those are called your strengths. Now we have a page filled with a list of strengths gifts and talents. Stare at it. So do any patterns emerge? Any themes? Looking at the list let's say it is filled with things like tools, motors, hardware, maps, slide rulers, or welders. Maybe the theme for you is you are a builder of some kind and your purpose is to build something.

Q...A Today Get some paper and a pen and go to your favorite quiet room. Ask yourself the following questions: 1 ) Someday when I am older what the heck do I want to have accomplished? Why are those things important to me ? 2) What are 2-3 things that you will regret if you do not do them in your lifetime? 3) Why were you born? Do you think you have specific gifts or talents you were meant to use? Why? 4) Fill in the blank; I was meant to be a ______________________. Why do you think that? 5) What is very important to you in your life? Why?

Ten With No Spin Now you are going to go to your panel of 10 advisors. Your objective is to do a little Q...A with each of them. This exercise also takes a little confidence. Ask each person "what do you think my strengths are? Ask Uncle Benny, your Mom, and close buddy. Ask your personal trainer and a co worker. I am sure your curiosity is wondering "Why?. Well it is actually interesting what other people may see in you that you dont. They may provide a whole new perspective. Now as the answers come in you have to sort and edit and decide which to listen to and which not. One caveat- don't have negative people do the survey. This information can be a wonderful tool to help discover your purpose.

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