Monday, November 16, 2009

How To Define Success in Life, As A Young Person

By Peter Stephenson

For as long as mankind has been around, so have the notions of being successful and achieving in life. From our grandparents, through to our parents, and through to ourselves, in other words for at least three generations, the way that success is perceived has remained fairly constant. Three major aspects stand out.

First of all, being successful means different things to different people and in different scenarios. Making a fortune is not the only definition. Success may be simply doing one's best and making the most of one's own abilities, whatever they may be.

It may be about making the most of your life. Not only for yourself, but also in terms of your impact on the lives of others. It may mean a combination of success in work life, family life, social life, and in life at various stages from birth through to maturity.

One life is all we have. So therefore, perhaps the it makes sense to look at success in life in its full breadth. This includes the work part of our lives as we all have to make money to live, but it also includes success in our whole life experience.

Next, life success tends to comes about as a result of intention. It doesn't just occur accidentally (although chance can often play a role here). What I mean here, is that success in life, however you define it, is something usually intended, or aimed for.

I found 85% of the 100 successful world famous people I studied, rated ambition or striving for success, as important characteristics when they were young. For them, life success was more about intention. For them, life success was not just going to happen by chance.

Third up, success in life has been a comparable theme for quite a few generations. So whether it's once parents or grandparents, their thoughts about success are very comparable to those of their young. This means that parental and family influence are important aspects relating to a young person's development and life success.

65% of the world famous people who became successful, whose bios I researched, experienced positive family influence when they were youngsters. They would roll model their parents. They would also on specific occasions, accept their advice.

I now encourage you to try to define for yourself what you mean by success in life. Clearly this will likely have something to do with work and career. Importantly, it will also have something to do with the rest of your life.

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