Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hypnosis - How It Can Transform Your Life

By Vanny Jones

In hypnosis, the hypnotist induces the subject into an altered state of consciousness without the use of chemicals, narcotics or drugs of any kind. Hypnosis, as is commonly believed, is a state exemplified by complete comfort and one where the person experiences a heightened responsiveness towards suggestions. Among the several useful applications of hypnosis, hypnotherapy tops the list.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic procedure in which the subject is hypnotized by the expert. This therapy acts as a cure against negative thinking and anything else that is bothering the patient's mind.

An expert in hypnosis understands human psychology well too, with a deep understanding of the human mind. Thus, a hypnotherapist would know the real reasons that might be preventing a person's growth and removing such hindrances with positive thoughts could offer a huge respite to the person.

It has been well documented that hypnotherapy is very effective against addictions of all kinds. An acute degree of stress, pain, despair, and low levels of self-esteem also find their remedy in hypnotherapy. Childhood traumas and their after-effects like frequent bed-wetting and frequent nightmares can be treated through it as well.

Not just personal problems, issues in professional life like lower performance levels can also be resolved by hypnotherapy. Many people facing difficulty in their profession have gained greatly from it. The procedure will find out and replace your fears of failure with boldness and positivism. Well-known politicians and business tycoons have experienced personality development through hypnotherapy, and have gone on to become excellent speakers and experts in human management, thus doing well in their careers.

Self-hypnosis is another significant aspect of hypnosis. It helps a person to make a trip to self realisation and solves all his destructive thinking, putting him on the path of deserved achievements. It is also an excellent way to relax and can be done regularly as a form of mental exercise. A hypnotic session lasting a single hour is equivalent to 8 short naps, hence hypnosis is also a good way to reinvigorate your cerebral batteries and feel energized.

Hypnosis is not black magic, as a lot of people wrongly believe. In fact, science and psychology have a major part to play in it. In addition, since it is induced without any help from drugs or other substances, it is absolutely harmless. People of all ages can benefit from it and lead happier and more satisfying lives.

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