Tuesday, November 10, 2009

True Stories of Mortgage Company Victims

By Adam Wazzer

It 's really disgusting to see that we as a people have not found from our past and are once again starting to cycle it. I'm not trying to be derogatory just for the reason of bringing down someone's hopes but I'm trying to save some pain for someone and hoping that someone will pay very close attention to what I am about to say.

Just in case you have missed the majority of the last couple years, PLEASE NOTE: MODIFICATION COMPANIES ARE A BAD IDEA! Please understand that I am, saying this since I have lived and worked on all 3 sides of the business. After having experienced what it's like to be involved on both sides of the business I can truly say that there are so many pitfalls for the average mortgage holder that tries try to navigate the Loan Modification / Foreclosure Defense process alone.

There are so many little details that can be missed while going it alone in matters of Foreclosure. If you miss one piece of mail After all it is your HOUSE and your family safety on the line. The CONS are endless, people impersonating Attorneys, altering numbers on HUD statements so they can pocket the difference through title. What is wrong with society today, its almost as if the whole world has gone nuts? If you are a Homeowner at risk loosing your Home to foreclosure, the best advice I can give you is to think clearly and evaluate the situation from a calm perspective with a Loved one (someone you trust) and brainstorm for a solution or plan of action after you have taken the time to look into a good attorney who has given you a professional perspective on the subject.

After having worked in the Mortgage Biz for years, I left because I saw where the business was flowing and I really didn't want to have to carry the burden of guilt for putting families in Loans I didn't agree with. It always seemed that in the Mortgage business the only thing they cared about were numbers, volume of sales and Yield Spread, to be more exact it was all about everything that stuffed more money in everyones pocket.

The truth is I really feel good about what I do now because I know we are genuinely helping people and I know that our attorney is governed and held accountable by the Bar Association in our state. It's much more comforting to work in an industry where the agency regulating your industry plays more of an active roll in protecting the public. Do your homework and THOROUGHLY investigate any firm before hiring them to save your biggest asset and the place you call "home". Most State Bar Association Sites have a member search which can help you get a background report on who you are considering to protect your home.

Just think about it before you trust anyone other than a Licensed Attorney to protect your dwelling. Would you give another nickel to the slime that sold you your Predatory Mortgage in the first place??? Remember, statistics show that most of those same brokers transitioned from Mortgage Lending into "Home Saving", so think about that before you let them make you a victim a second time.

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