Saturday, November 28, 2009

How Productive is Your Time? Here Are Some of the Top Timewasters

By Deleon Shaw

There is only one measurement where we are all equal, and that is in the amount of time each of us is given per day. It's the same 24 hours we all get to invest in whatever manner we think is best. We've all been reminded to "work smart" instead of "working hard", but few understand the difference. Our personal strategies of time management may vary, but we can agree that everyone should be constantly looking for ways to improve their individual performance.

One of the most popular "timewasters" is Procrastination. How many times have we told ourselves, "This project can wait until tomorrow?" We find ourselves practicing this constantly, whether it's an exercise program, a plan to quit smoking or getting rid of the clutter of paper on our desk. Procrastination seems inevitable when we are setting goals or proactively working our business plan.

LACK OF SELF-DISCIPLINE. We are blessed or cursed, depending on your viewpoint, with a non-negotiable need for discipline in our jobs. We might be Independent Contractors, have a Home Based business or work for a Corporation at home. Since we probably don't punch a time clock, and are somewhat out of sight most of the time, we are responsible first to ourselves to provide the proper mindset of success and the energy necessary to accomplish our goals.

We tend to get so caught up with our customers and clients and want to provide them with the best service possible. This will at time give us the inability to say "NO". We can accomplish this tactfully without disrespect to our customers or clients. We are terrified we might lose our customer or their business. We have to be confident in ourselves and this will project through to the client. There will be time we have to say "NO" when a customer is possibly asking for major concessions, a price reduction or additional services.

We most likely communicate with all different types of clientele. Evaluate the current business model you are using and determine if improvements can be made to become more organized. Improved organizational skills will save you critical production time and increase your net worth.

Ever hear, "Don't bite off more than you can chew"? Again, another huge timewaster and we are all responsible for it. By attempting to do more than we can handle, will make our time even more unproductive. Look at your written goals and analyze them cautiously. This will help maintain your control of time and will help you reach your target faster.

Goal setting is vital to our business growth and development. Without written goals there are no objectives. Clearly understanding the importance of this will lead you to the path of success. Daily review of your goals and objectives will keep you focused. We are repeatedly interrupted and are bombarded with distractions each day and must stay focused.

Our time is valuable and cannot be replaced. Once used, we cannot get it back. What we do with our time is a personal choice and must be measured to perfection. We are rewarded for our performances and controlling how we use our time, will effectively eradicate the "time wasters". By doing so, could be the difference between a "weak" performance and a "superior" performance.

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