Friday, November 27, 2009

The Results Of Getting An LCD HDTV

By Lillian Sheriff

Today is a very good time to buy a high quality television set that will last a long time for a very reasonable price. In growing technology, TV also improves very fast, the new HDTV broadcasting format becomes more standardized so the prices may fall but not too much.

What are our thoughts on LCD HDTVs? What makes them so special, and what should you look for when buying one?

It was a natural decision to adapt LCD technologies to HDTV format after LCD monitors have been used with computers for several years now. As compared to projection TVs and the earlier CRT television sets, the LCD TVs are a lot slender in size and weigh considerably less, thus making them perfect for use in smaller sized rooms where larger TV sets could not be accommodated before TVs with LCD or plasma technology were introduced in the market.

Many people even mount LCD screens to the wall using special brackets that hold them securely in place, and this is perhaps the ultimate in space saving design. If you have such a great, eye-pleasing monitor you now need to have programming that takes full advantage of the screen's viewing capability, and that's where HDTV comes in.

It is two technologies that were meant for each other. HDTV allows television broadcasting to be sent in a signal which is very dense with digital information about the video as well as sound. Compared to the former analog method of TV broadcasts, this is a huge advancement.

In fact, the HDTV signal can carry up to ten times as much screen resolution information as an old analog signal. For a complete viewing experience, the combination of rich resolution and a LCD screen that displays the sharpest picture available, this set provides consumers exactly what they are looking for.

When you are purchasing a LCD TV, you need to make sure that it is equipped with a HDTV tuner or that it is "HDTV Ready" so that your cable or satellite can be hooked up to allow you to receive HDTV programming.

Viewing programs with the combined technologies of HDTV and a LCD monitor will make you wonder how you could be without it till now.

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