Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anger Management Techniques

By Thomas Crown

Some can find humor with people who have anger issues like, the movie Anger Management. Jack Nicholson tries to teach Adam Sandler how to control his anger with different techniques. In real life this is no joking manor. People who have anger issues have serious problems.

In America there are thousands if not millions of people who are suffering everyday from anger. Anger is a serious issue and will consume you and everyone around you if you don't find a way to control your anger issues. So how do you find the right anger management techniques that will stop your anger problem?

There are several methods that can be used in trying to deal with anger and help in the process of anger management. One of these methods is described as trying to reach an agreement with the person. Another method of anger management is to meditate along with deep breathing and trying to relax.

The direct method is one recommended by psychologists. The concept here is to work on expressing honest feelings about the other person in a "hands off" manor. It is important in this method to keep an open line of communication with the person who you are upset with.

Another approach to anger management is called the honorable method. This is where you take responsibility for your actions and you don't make excuses for the reasons why you did what you did. This is considered to be the hardest method as it is often times hard to admit self failure and admit where you are lacking.

The focused method of anger management is simply where you stick to the issue at hand, instead of bringing up issues that are not relevant to the issues at hand. This anger management technique is particularly useful in dealing with a person who may be trying to get you to see thing a different way than you currently see them.

In the listen approach to anger management the person with the issue listens to what is being said to them by the other people involved in the issue at the current time. Anger tends to create a filter to where what is being said is often times not heard because the person automatically hears a negative tone coming from the other person.

Anger management can only work if the person with the anger problem is will to work on the problem. If they do not think they have a problem, they will not participate whole hearted. This is the biggest hurtle to get over when it comes to recovering from anger problems.

Once you are able to apply these anger management techniques every time someone has made you mad; then you'll no longer have anger issues. Other people involve in the conflicts with a person who has anger issues do need to understand that it takes two to tangle. It is the responsibility of both people involve in a conflict to keep there anger under control. If one has anger issues then the other person should not add to the issue. If both of the persons involve have anger issues then it's best for one to walk away and talk when your calm. Anger Management does not happen over night; it takes great time to master the process of controlling your anger.

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