Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meet Herb Vaporizers

By Johnny Miller

Are you familiar with the herbal vaporizer? If you are not, well this is a great time to be acquainted with it.

Herb vaporizers are devices ran by electricity or battery power and they can heat the herbs and let the active ingredients be released through a vapor. So if it's a cannabis or a tobacco fix you're waiting for, you can just buy vaporizers and you can get your fix easily. But that's for the weed and nicotine addicts. For fixes like those, most addicts simply smoke cigarettes or rolled weeds but that's harmful because of the actual act of burning. So if you want to get the normal fix without burning, you must just use herb vaporizers. Vaporizing helps you get your fix without the detriments of burning such as tar, carbon monoxide, carcinogens and other forms of toxins. This way, there are no toxins and no second hand smoke. It's win-win for all.

Since it is known that vaporizing is truly a better alternative to smoking, there are no bans against vaporizing. However, what you need to pay attention to, though, is if cannabis is legal in your country. If it is not, even if you use a vaporizer to get your fix, you are still violating laws. Better be safe than sorry.

Now that it's pretty clear that vaporizing is a better method than smoking, there are no laws against vaporizing. The only thing, that you might need to note, though, is if weed or cannabis is legal in your area. If it's illegal, then you CANNOT make it acceptable through the mere act of vaporizing. So be warned early. On a different note, herb vaporizers are not just used for nicotine and weed fixes. There are also relaxation benefits which you can get from vaporizing. In fact, there are numerous homes, wellness centers, spas and even hospitals which use high quality digital vaporizers to utilize the therapeutic benefits of the aromas of chamomile, rosemary, lavender and other herbs of the same nature.

So how does the vaporizing process work exactly? Here's a quick low-down. First, the herb vaporizer heats up the herb. There are three methods used for heating. The first one is through thermal conduction. In this method, the herbs will be placed on a heated metal plate and it will eventually heat up. The next method is convection. With convection, the herbs will be heated with just hot air passing over and there will be no contact with the herb. The last method is called thermal radiation, which, as the name implies, uses light or radiation to heat the herbs up. When the herbs are heated, the vapor will form. If you wish to inhale it ASAP, you may use the tube to inhale it. If you wish to inhale it later, you can store it through a jar or a bag, which the vaporizer houses.

Even when you buy the best vaporizer, it is important that the temperature that will heat your vaporizer to will be verified. If the heat levels are low, vapors will be simply therapeutic and they might not contain the active substances of the herbs you're using. If such substances are not present, then there won't be a physiological effect. On the other hand, if the heat levels are high, the active substances will be IN the vapor and you will inhale them in high density.

So that's it for the usage and performance of herb vaporizers. Be sure to get yourself a very good brand!

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